The Old Paths Baptist Mission
Jeremiah 6:16 Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
The Lawsons- Missionary Evangelist to Cincinnati Ohio
July 1, 2007

Greetings again from Cincinnati, Ohio! We hope all is well with all our friends and loved ones and that the Lord has continued to shower His People with blessings upon blessings. The Lord has been so good to me and my family in the last four weeks. We have seen His provision come time and time again, meeting our needs just in time. It is good to know that God knows what we need when we need it and provides right on time. All He asks of us is simple faith and trust that He will do what He said He will do when He deems the time is right. His timing isn’t always our timing but His timing is always right so we just wait on Him and let Him shower us with blessings time and time again! No wonder the children of Israel said “The Lord is Good!”

Revival Meetings

We have had a very large shift in the focus of our work here in Cincinnati this past month. Back in March, I surrendered into full time evangeliem. We had been praying about when to leave my emplyer since then. Well, quit our job last month and started the full time service for the Lord. The reason was, to make a long story short, me and my boss got into it about what he called my “outside interest” referring to my service to God, and gave me what I felt was an ultimatum to either be dedicated to my job or to my God. Well, it was no contest and now, I am officially full time! For the past three weeks we have been reacquainting ourselves with preachers and pastors down south letting them know first hand that we are still working and laboring for the Lord in Cincinnati and that he is leading us in a different direction. The Lord open doors for us to preach and present the work in many different churches this past month and we are so thankful. After much prayer I have decided to go on a full time deputation to raise support for me and my family and the work here in Cincinnati My prayer is that God will move on the hearts of God’s people to see the need to support home mission works like this and doors will open for us to preach revival meetings as well. Right now we will be in the south east Tennessee area the end of July and the first of August. I am looking to fill every Sunday morning and Sunday night from that point onward until we raise about $2500 a month in support. We are currently supported by three churches. Please pray for open doors for me and my family to ministry to God’s people by way of evangelism and that the support needed will come in.

Tent Ministry

We have put the tent ministry on the back burner for a bit until some necessary needs have been met. Our home church purchased some new folding chairs and gave us sixty folding chairs to use for the tent ministry. I am thankful for the chairs that were given for the work but they do not fold and take up a lot of room. The new chairs, (our churches old ones), fold up and stack up neatly and take up a lot less room. Plus, they have a cart to haul them on making them more idea for the tent ministry. Before we can get this part of the work going like we would like, it is a necessity that we have transportation. I can not depend on someone else to haul the tent around for me. With that being said, please pray that God will provide for us a truck and a cargo trailer to haul the tent and everything that goes with it large enough for one load. I still need a generator, lights, two large fans, and a small platform as well. Also pray that we can work with the townships in Cincinnati to give us liberty to set the tent up in there neighborhoods and that sinners will come to the meetings and hear a clear presentation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved by His grace. Another area of prayer concerning the tent ministry is I am praying about having young preacher fellowships to allow some young preachers a place to preach one to another and get them interested in the street ministry with me. Please make these a matter of prayer.

Street Ministry

With us being out of town for the past four weeks, we have not been on the streets as of yet but we are looking forward to it with a great new desire and fire to thunder out the gospel message on the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio that Jesus still saves and satisfies! We will start helping another church that goes down town every Saturday and look to grow it from there. I am praying about every Friday going out into different communities as well and do some soul winning and street preaching. Please pray that I can find some young preacher boys to go with us with fire in their bones to preach to a lost and dying world. We have left out home fields white already to harvest without any labors. Where have all the young street preachers gone? In Tennessee there was hardly every a Friday night we didn’t go out and preach Jesus on the corners. God help us to take back the streets of this country before it is illegal to do so! Please pray for fire and boldness to witness and preach on the streets of this desperately lost city of Cincinnati.

Jail Ministry

After much prayer I do not feel like I should take this jail ministry over. I would love the opportunity to go into the jails and preach but with the other parts of this ministry there would be a conflict and I could not be faithful to the jail ministry. Please pray that a good bible believing preacher will commit to this work and see souls saved by the grace of our God!

In closing, we desire your prayers and ask that pastors will give us an opportunity to share our burden with there people and that the support needed will come in. I am not working now and the door is wide open to go anywhere to preach and share this work. I believe it is a needed work and that God would truly bless in it and we are trusting that He will supply our every need. The greatest need we have now is financially. I WILL take care of my family. That comes first and foremost. I am trusting that he will provide as long as we stay faithful to our church and to the work and if it comes down to it, I will have no choice but to find another job, but until then I am praying that I can schedule meetings from the first part of August till Jesus comes! I am preaching in south east Tennessee the last Sunday in July and we are thankful for that and we are hoping to preach from that day forward. We also have three camp meeting we are going to this month to try and get exposure to pastors and introduce our work unto them. Pray that many doors will open and that God will move on pastors hearts to have us come in and preach revival for them. As always, may God bless is our prayer.

Evangelist Phillip Lawson
3633 Puhlman ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
Home Phone # 513-322-1872

Evangelist Phillip Lawson
3633 Pulhman Ave.
Cincinnati Ohio, 45211