About The Old Paths Baptist Mission    

   The Old Paths Baptist Mission was started April 14th 1996 when God saved me at New Fellowship Baptist Church in Charleston Tennessee. At that point God began to start working in my heart, placing a great desire to walk with Him in a way that pleases Him. Under the sound of old time preaching, praying, and praising God, I began to understand the old time ways were pleasing with God. I saturated myself with preaching, camp meetings, and revival meetings. I am thankful to God for the training I received under Godly men who would not stray to the right or to the left, but walked in “THE OLD PATHS” where there was peace and rest for my soul!

   After I surrendered to the call to preach, I began to visit churches all over the south and seen just how far away the church was drifting from the old time ways that I was spiritually raised with. I felt the burden to call God’s people back to The Old Paths. God gave me a verse, Jeremiah 6:16. Not long after that, the Lord directed me to Cincinnati to bring this old time way to the people of Cincinnati Ohio. I came to Cincinnati to start a church, but the Lord did not give liberty to do so. He did give liberty to take a small church desperately in need of a pastor. We pastored there for a year and a half when God moved again, calling me into full time evangelism. Now, we are officially starting The Old Paths Baptist Mission.

   This Mission will consist of three to four areas of ministry. One, street preaching: Two, tent revivals: Three, revival meetings: Four, a radio ministry. Right now we will be concentrating on the first three. There is a great need for a Christian radio station. We feel burdened to start one once we have the resources but at this time we will keep it as a matter of earnest prayer for the resources to start one.

   The first avenue of service is that of street preaching. We have always had a burden and a desire to preach on the streets. In Tennessee every Friday night us preacher boys would be found on some street corner thundering out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a need in this city, and every city in this country, for old fashion street preaching, handing out tracks witnessing to sinners on the brink of hell. I am hoping to find some preacher boys in Cincinnati and help them get on the streets and be a testimony of the grace of God with us in this work.

   The second avenue of service is The Old Paths Baptist Tent Meetings. My prayer and burden is to set up my 20x40 tent and have old fashion tent revivals. Our hope is that churches in the area will support the meeting and invite sinners to give them a clear presentation of the gospel of our Lord and Savoiur Jesus Christ.

   The third avenue of the mission is evangelism. I have a heart for God’s people. I long to be a help and a blessing to every church I have ever entered and had an opportunity to preach. My prayer is that God will move on the hearts of pastors to allow me the opportunity and privilege to preach revival meetings in their churches so that I might minister to the hearts of their people the good grace of God. This will also be my livelihood. My hope is that I can book two or three meetings every month.

   This work is my life. I am willing to go anywhere and everywhere the door is open for us to share this work with others and to help pastors stir up their people in service to our God. Please pray for the Lawson family and The Old Paths Baptist Mission, that God would give the increase and the desires of our heart for this good work.